When A Woman Cuts Her Hair


When a woman cuts her hair, she is actually cutting off so much more. It’s one of the most life changing decisions a girl can make to her appearance. For some it is a personal transformation and for others it is to simply rock the latest short hair trend and save a few dollars while doing it. Short hair shows off the sexiest part of woman’s body: her neck. It exposes her facial features working down to her décolletage. When a woman cut her hair, she is going rogue against societal standard of beauty.

That moment when a woman declares she is going short generally doesn’t happen overnight. She goes through an approval process with herself about why she should or should not cut. Then she mentions the idea to family and friends who will probably try to talk her out of it. A woman cutting her hair is about pressing restart to a new beginning. A new beginning to be bold, a new beginning to step out and take a risk, a new beginning to the end of damaged hair, a new beginning to the end of toxic relationships, or a new beginning to just being herself and owning who she really is. After all, hair tells a story.


I caught up with Dayna, Chief Editor at www.daynabolden.com. Since her last feature in It’s My Hair a couple of years ago, Dayna has transformed into her own and taking risks like never before.

My hair says that I am confident, yet edgy with class and style. I originally decided to cut my hair because it was damaged and falling out after I had my daughter. My hair just wasn't the same and I knew I needed to just start over because it wasn't the healthiest. When I originally went natural, my goal was to grow BIG hair. When I first cut my hair about 2 years ago, I remember crying when I left the salon. I thought I was ugly with short hair and I was so upset and wanted to grow it out right away. These feelings soon after changed. I feel that after I cut my hair, my life literally changed. "A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life"-Coco Chanel. This was literally real for me. After I cut my hair I felt that things changed for me. My style, my presence, my everything. It took me about a month, but after that, I was in love with my short hair. Read the full story in Volume 02.

By Selena M.