Interview With Hair Stylist: Jasmine Collins | Razor Chic of Atlanta


IMHM: How did you get your start in the hair industry?

Jasmine: My aunt was the pathway into the beauty industry. I was always attracted to the beauty industry, but my aunt allowed me to test out my skills. My first attempt at waving wasn’t top stylist beautiful but it created a fire in me that made me want to know as much as I could learn about hair. Through practice determination and just a love for hair I mastered my signature wave technique. Next thing I knew, my whole neighborhood was rocking my wave styles.

IMHM:  What is the hardest business obstacle you had to overcome?

Jasmine: I would say scheduling was the hardest obstacle to overcome. It was a challenge because I did not know how to say no and I would end up overbooking myself. Of course the people that wanted to get squeezed in were happy but I was not treating the client that made the time to schedule her appointment fairly. I pride myself on my attention to detail and professionalism. Scheduling incorrectly was causing me to work ridiculous hours and not to mention hurting me professionally. This forced me to seek out professional booking systems that would not allow me to keep circling this issue and plus make the visit for the client pleasant. My goal is for the client to have an experience I am an advocate of quality and not quantity. My drive and zeal for knowledge has made me aware of my value as a stylist. Therefore, my focus is on working smarter and not harder.

IMHM: Who or what inspires you?

Jasmine: Anybody that pays attention to detail and that's creative. Those are the type of people that inspire me. People that go over and beyond to make sure their work is crisp.

IMHM:  Who was your favorite celebrity to style?

Jasmine: We'll I've styled numerous of celebrities, but I would probably say, Sommore, because it's an ongoing relationship and I've styled her numerous times. Sommore has no limitations. She isn’t bound to the Hollywood beauty standard. Therefore, I can be creative and we can dare to try something different. But the bond that I have with her is amazing. She is more than a client to me she is also a friend. 

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