What's Inside Volume 02

Welcome to Volume 02 of It’s My Hair. It's about celebrating beautiful and intelligent women everywhere. It's My Hair is all about women expressing themselves and making connections through hair. For the cover, I wanted to step outside the box to show a little more creativity since the cover girl is an artist, a basic headshot would not justify how beautiful and creative she is. The inside pages are full of hair storytelling, interviews, affirmations, style tips, and beautiful photography. - Selena M., Chief Editor


Cover Story: Philece R. also known as @thatartista on social media.

Cover Synopsis: Just a typical day of Philece at home, no makeup, and frizzy curls. Her sister shot the cover photo in the Bahamas during a regular painting session.

Affirmations: Sharing positive quotes and photography to help you look and feel your best.

Style edits: The best styling and creativity from industry insiders- photography by Daryna Barykina and Michael Majesty.

Flower Portraits: Photography inspired by nature captured by ZOA.

The Green Spirit Collection: A fight against violence and atrocities committed against innocent people in war places in the eyes of Gianni Bach.

Interview: Your Honor, I Object: A cross-examination with Alex Singer, transitioning from law to fashion blogger.

Interview: Meelah: A talk with lead singer of Motown’s former platinum selling R&B girl group in 702. Talks beauty, business, and life.

Cover Story: Philece discusses a wide range of topics, including hair, favorite things, dating, and life.

Cover Story Art Gallery: Explore pieces of Philece’s favorite art designs. 

Hair Stories: Personal hair stories, everybody has one. Stories from beauty bloggers, Kat Bonifacio and Brianna Wigfall.

When A Woman Cuts Her Hair: A short story on why women cut their hair plus an interview with Dayna Bolden.

The Universal Truth: Métis stylist, Nicole Lefaivre, explores the therapeutic powers of cutting hair.

Hair Strobing: Danielle Keasling uncovers techniques on this new hair trend.

‘How To’ with Shelley Gregory: Learn to create a stylish Crown Chignon Braid.

Afros In San Juan: A photography documentary on Afro-Puerto Rican Caribbeans captured by Valerie Moreno.

Interview: Jasmine Collins, The Razor Chic, discusses successes, failures, and obstacles in the hair industry.

Style Notes: Professional hair styling and hair color techniques by Shelley Gregory and Eliza Trendiak.