Behind Volume 02: Coming Full Circle


After several weeks of late nights and early risings, Volume 02 is finally here! Magazine publishing is something that I have grown to enjoy but sometimes there are a few pain points. Each time is a learning experience, new panic attacks, and aha moments. And just like that, everything for Volume 02  lined up right on time.

During the initial phase, I received several submissions and personal selections for the cover. Deep down inside, I knew Philece was the one but I completely went against my intuition that led to a few setbacks. I took a couple days to gather myself, then back to the drawing board to make a few revisions. For some reason, I kept coming back to Philece (@thartista) as the cover story. So after several months of deliberating, I finally contacted her and crossed my fingers hoping she would move forward. Luckily, she said YES.

We immediately connected via email, and I dropped her 25 questions on favorite things, personal life, and beauty. It didn't stop there. After exchanging a few emails, I found out that we actually share the same birthday month, which is the month of April. The magazine cover was revealed on her birthday, April 14. We decided to partner on an Instagram giveaway and the winner was chosen on April 25 which is the same birthday as her newborn nephew. As a matter of fact, that was the first time Philece has EVERRRR done an Instagram giveaway. So of course I felt super special that she chose It’s My Hair as the first brand to do it with.

The following week, I started writing an article on reasons why women cut their hair. At that time, I had no idea who I wanted to feature. One morning, I remember opening my Facebook app to do my morning scroll through. To my surprise, Dayna Bolden was the first person to pop up on my timeline. I recall reading her post that said, “I don’t think I will ever grow out my hair, it has become my signature!”  I thought about it and knew right away that she was the one for the feature. I immediately emailed Dayna and of course she was just as excited as I was. Dayna was actually featured in the 2015 Winter Edition of It’s My Hair on a shared cover with her co-founder of Chic Naturalistas.

I started writing another article on how hair holds energy. After jotting down a few fragmented thoughts, I never composed them into an actual article. Writer’s block got the best of me. I remember checking my email that same day and such a remarkable coincidence happened! The National Film Board of Canada reached out to me to share a video and magazine feature on how hair holds energy. So I totally scrapped my article to feature their photography from the short film instead. I can’t wait to share the short film on the blog in just a few weeks.

I hope you enjoy reading about so many amazing women in Volume 02 as much as I do.