Easier Mornings With Protective Styling

Being a natural and creating a new style everyday can get tiresome, but with protective styling your morning rituals will get a little easier. Protective styling is simple, just create a style that can hold up for a week or longer. A really popular protective style is hair extensions. 

A popular extension style is braiding hair. When using braiding hair one can either style the hair individually, to the scalp, or even twisted. These styles give the natural hair time to grow without using products or heat. The braiding styles are very low maintenance and are very easy to touch up. Works well on all hair types.

Women of all background can use a protective style on their hair. Protective styles work for women on the go, with relaxed hair, and natural hair. There are many protective styles. Some of our favorites are bantu knots, roller set curls, and of course twist outs! No matter what the occasion a protective hair style would always fit your character.  

By Ariel Johnson