I Was Bald Because It Was Mandatory

I was a baldie growing up as it was mandatory for all the students to be bald in the school I attended. I remember being super depressed. I thought I was very ugly because I did not have any strands of hair. Years later in high school, I was finally able to wear my hair out but it was convenient for me to relax it.  My hair slowly weakened and started breaking. I then started researching on how I could rock my hair in its natural hair state and a few weeks later, I did the big chop.

I am an extrovert and very playful person. I am open to new experiences and not afraid to go for what I want in life. I wasn’t always like this and I believe wearing my hair the way I want gave me the confidence to explore myself more and accentuate the characteristics that define me today.

I love It's My Hair Magazine because it advocates for women embracing their inner beauty and obviously because it is about my favorite subject; hair.

By Sheila Ndinda