Your Honor, I Object

Alex Singer | Photography by: Megan Tsang

Alex Singer | Photography by: Megan Tsang

Sharing a snippet from our interview with Alex Singer in Volume 02. Alex left a seemingly prestigious field of Law to follow her new passion as a fashion blogger. She is a writer, living in California, who has blogged on topics from parenting to fashion for the past seven and a half years. 

IMHM: How self-assured were you when you finally quit law?  

Alex: It was a challenge to leave the legal profession.  Ever since I was about 12, I had dreamed of being a lawyer (and then going into politics), and my family was pretty invested in this idea too.  But when I saw the reality of what those professions were all about, the reality did not match up with my dreams. I had family members who were very disappointed when I decided to leave the legal profession. But I am so grateful that I listened to my heart. Doing that helped me to get better at hearing my own intuition.  Now I can feel when something doesn't feel right and act on it much sooner. I would say that having the fortitude to leave the law was the gutsiest thing I had done at that point, and I gained confidence both from doing that and from gradually learning to listen to my heart more and more.  

IMHM: What does your hair say about you?  

Alex: That is a good question! My hairstyle is a huge hint that one of my fashion icons is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (who had long straight blonde hair). What my hair doesn't tell you is that my other fashion icon is Julia Sarr-Jamois (who has a gorgeous Afro)!

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