Volume Two - Kids Edition

Volume Two - Kids Edition

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It’s My Hair! Volume Two kids edition is targeted at kids ages 2 through 12. Our goal is to promote positive images while providing hair stories, hair styling techniques, and showcasing individual beauty in a fun yet creative way. Volume Two kids edition contains short essays providing research on FroHawks, Protective Styling, and Twins.

We developed a creative way to illustrate hairstyles for the seven energy chakras using chic hair styles and colorful face art. The Chakra Minis photoshoot took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Each model is dressed in white to keep the focal point on the face art and hair designs.

Trendy, modern and chic describes the type of hairstyles presented in Volume Two. Look for quick and easy hairstyles to get your kid ready to go and out the door. We discuss styling options for tweens and a hair gallery full of fun hairstyles for kids. 

The cover was shot in Los Angeles, California and photographed by CR142 Photos
52 pages in color, 7 x 10 dimensions, perfect bound on matte paper. Exclusive content only available in print.